Unhide All does not "unhide" all in Sketchup Web

I am hifding a few (4-5) groups and components mixed in order to edit something easier, but when I unhde all - some are missing…any suggestions?

What did you hide? The components or something inside the components? Unhide only works in the current context so if you hide the geometry inside a component/group or you have nested components/groups and have hidden the child components/groups, you have to open the group/component to unhide what’s inside it. Displaying Hidden Geometry and Hidden Objects can help you find that stuff. If you are having difficulty, share the .skp file here so we can take a look and help you out.

Thank you so much. I noticed that the objects that were not unhiding were duplicate groups or components. When I selected the part that was showing and hit unhide it worked. Repeat for all - now I am back where I was. - they should rename the command “Unide All” to “Unhide Some”…

More appropriately it is Unhide All in Context.

Yes you are right. The trouble is I only use this for 1 project per year, so I forget the little things.