Unhide All, everything, unhide it all

Often I am working on my model and I hide something temporarily. Then, when I want to unhide it, not everything comes back always. I had to open the component and select the component I wanted unhidden.

Is there a way to just Unhide ALL. This gets complex when I have so many components and groups.


It is true, The unhide all only unhides non-nested (objects that are not inside other groups or components).

Its helpful if you assign a shortcut to Unhide All, and just hit that every time you are in a group or component to get everything back.

And show hidden geometry. this will always let you know what is hidden.

I have never tested myself, but an extension called “Unhide All” by Tomasz should do what you are intending to do.

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it works great! Glad i found this thread.

I can’t find it in the warehouse. Any ideas?

LInk to Unhide All plugin by Tomasz

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The link seems to be empty. There’s no content :frowning:

Sign in at SketchUcation https://sketchucation.com/pluginstore?listtype=2&author=1162&category=0
and search for author Tomasz’s plugins:

Now it works, thank you :smiley:

Yes, it works great!! Glad I found this thread, too!