Unhide All, everything, unhide it all

Often I am working on my model and I hide something temporarily. Then, when I want to unhide it, not everything comes back always. I had to open the component and select the component I wanted unhidden.

Is there a way to just Unhide ALL. This gets complex when I have so many components and groups.


It is true, The unhide all only unhides non-nested (objects that are not inside other groups or components).

Its helpful if you assign a shortcut to Unhide All, and just hit that every time you are in a group or component to get everything back.

And show hidden geometry. this will always let you know what is hidden.

I have never tested myself, but an extension called “Unhide All” by Tomasz should do what you are intending to do.

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it works great! Glad i found this thread.

I can’t find it in the warehouse. Any ideas?

LInk to Unhide All plugin by Tomasz

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The link seems to be empty. There’s no content :frowning:

Sign in at SketchUcation SketchUp Plugins | PluginStore | SketchUcation
and search for author Tomasz’s plugins:

Now it works, thank you :smiley:

Yes, it works great!! Glad I found this thread, too!

I am using the Web version of SketchUp and am having trouble unhiding objects that are within groups. I tried to follow the instructions give by @josephkim626 but it didn’t work for me.

I only have 5 main groups in my drawing, each of which has many nested groups and subgroups. This means the only way ‘Unhide All’ works for me is when I hide one of those 5 main groups. If I hide one object within one of those main groups and yet still leave other parts unhidden then ‘Unhide all’ doesn’t work. Very confusing: I always thought ‘all’ meant ‘all’.

Can someone please explain to me how to unhide all objects without using a plugin? Again, I’m using SketchUp web.


I would first go into the Display panel and choose to show Hidden Objects so they are visible. Then open the groups and unhide the hidden ones.

Depending on what you are modeling you might consider reducing the nesting to make your model easier and more efficient to work with.

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Follow @DaveR 's advice, displaying hidden objects. That way you can select them in the current context, the environment you are working in.

‘Unhide all’ means unhide hidden entities (basic entities and groups and components) that are hidden in the current context not in lower nor in higher levels of nesting.

Thanks for the reply, but the problem occurs when there are objects surrounding the object I want to unhide - for example if you put a couple of boxes around the chair and then you wouldn’t be able to select what you wanted to unhide, right?

Again, I just want some thing that truly does unhide “all” – I am very happy with how my model is organized for other reasons and I’d rather not change that. I can except it if there’s no work around but I just thought I would ask from those of you know a lot more about sketchup

Share your model so we can see what you are working with.

If you make appropriate use of tags you can use them to control the visibility of some of the objects so you can gain access to the others more easily.

You might also consider using Hide Rest of Model.

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Not in the web version. ‘Unhide All’ works per context.
There are extensions that ‘Unhide All’ throughout the entire model, all levels of nesting. Unfortunately the web version does not work with extensions.

If you were using SketchUp Go you would have Outliner and could unhide objects without having to drill down through the various nesting levels.

Since @DaveR asked me to share a model, I’ve attached a test file which has a structure like this:
Screen Shot 2022-08-26 at 8.09.10 AM
Here the computer is within a blue box within a green ball, within a gray box. Suppose I want to change the screen color on the computer and as I drill down through the groups I hide various items. What I want to be able to do is then unhide all items using just SketchUp Web. I know how to do this using Sketchup 2017, but my question is how to do this just in SketchUp web.

Thanks again.

test (1).skp (410.5 KB)

Hide isn’t really an appropriate method for working in a complex model.
Tags would be my first choice or just a simple section plane.
GIF 26-08-2022 4-31-50 PM


I’ve shown you how to do it in SketchUp Web. As @Box indicated Hide is not the appropriate way to be managing visibility in the model. You should be using tags for that.

Using a section plane is a great idea. It is so simple that I was able to do it immediately. I knew there would be someone who could help. Thanks for responding so quickly.

To @DaveR: thank you for your responses, but I couldn’t figure out how to follow your instructions with the web version. Probably I don’t have my model set up right or my fault for some other reason since I’m at such a simple level. Really appreciate all you experts.