Why can't it unhide all as it is supposed to?

As shown in the video, clicking in the unhide all doenst unhide…what is the way to do that?

Can’t tell from your video but I expect you hid the contents of a group or component instead of hiding the group or component. Open the object for editing so you can unhide what’s inside.


unhide all does unhide only in a current editing context.


It could be way to unhide it all without contexts…

A true unhide all has been requested a lot of times before, but never implemented as a built-in command. Here’s a Ruby Code snippet that does the job if you load it via the Ruby console. This is a quick-n-dirty, I did not package it as an extension.

really_unhide_all.rb (1.6 KB)

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While ‘really unhide all’ may be useful to some, it I s worth noting that hiding things is not an efficient workflow.


I agree. I originally wrote that snippet to let me quickly repair files from the forum in which the maker had gotten confused by hiding things in multiple contexts. I use hide only as a temporary measure to let me see inside things and undo it immediately after.


yeah, sometimes you need to hide stuff without creating a whole new tag structure.
But in these cases, it’s outliner time. and if it’s some raw geometry, making it a temporary group is vital. Preeeetty sure Aaron did a video on that recently :slight_smile:

Files with raw geometry hidden left and right are the worst to intervene on, it’s like walking on a carpet of fallen leaves not knowing what the neighbour’s dog left below.
it usually ends up with you going “awww ■■■■”

why the extension end its not rbz? is it right? an z is lefting

As I wrote, the file is just a snippet of Ruby code. It is not an installable extension and is not packaged as an rbz. It would require more work to add the stuff that makes a Ruby into a SketchUp extension, and I never thought it was worth the time.

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please, keep doing it. It really worth it. Think of all people that will have much faster workflow due to this and all the good karma that will be back to you.

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OK, you talked me into it. Just please don’t use it as a crutch that enables bad modeling practices!

SLB_Unhide_All.rbz (2.0 KB)


If they learn to work efficiently.

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one more for the toolbox then :slight_smile:

In a happy workflow, Why!?

oh no, I stand to what I wrote in my first message, I don’t need it when I do stuff myself :sunglasses:.

but between this forum and my classes, I NEED it :smiley:
Next friday, I have a 2 day advanced class (1 day SU, then monday twinmotion) with someone using SU since a year or so.
she has questions about various tools and things, and one of them is “how to make my work more efficient”. I asked her to provide me one of her most recent / representative file, I’ll check the material size, impact CG, geometry on default tag, and now this.
it’s a diagnostic tool really

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Thank you very much…but how would I know its not a virus haha or that will bug skp


Seriously? Do you really expect that a sage here would share a virus with you? If you’re really concerned, learn how to unhide things correctly as you were told two days and keep your models clean.

If you check, you will see it is signed. One must register with SketchUp to be able to sign an extension.

Edit: I forgot to mention that it adds an item to the bottom of the edit menu. You can set a shortcut to it if you wish.

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i said jk in the end