Losing objects when hiding them/ not able to unhide


I am using sketchup 2020 and when i hide an object it disappears for good. I go to edit unhide all and it still wont come back. this is an ongoing problem ):
any help much appreciated


Unhide is context sensitive. You have to be editing at the right (nested) level of a group to unhide it. One trick is to Show Hidden geometry to see what’s hidden. I think if you can see the dotted object, you can right click on it and unhide? It is frustrating. Using tags/layers for hiding and unhiding is often a better choice.

I suspected it would be something to do with the layer but it seems i only started to have this problem recently. Yes i agree with using tags as better way, i generally just hide random things when i need to get access behind it ect.
thanks for you answer, i will play around a little more


I just checked. Even with Hidden Geometry showing, you still need to be in the right group context, but it’s easier to find and drill down to.

Here’s a group called “2 Cubes” with two nested groups, “Red Cube” and “Blue Cube,” with the blue one hidden. You can see the hidden one in the outliner in italics, and the bounding box suggest there’s something there you can’t see. You can always select and unhide the Blue Cube in the outliner.

Turn on Hidden Geometry

Show Hidden Menu

You can see ghosts of what’s hidden. If you can see it, you can click on it. Click once and you’ll find out what group it’s inside of. Start double clicking and you can drill down to the right level where you can finally unhide it.

Doing it from the outliner: