Hiding parts of a component and not being able to unhide

So I noticed that if all the parts of a component are hidden while editing that component then one can’t see the component anymore to unhide the parts. I know it is still there because I can use ctrl-Z which removes the hide command.

My problem is that I had saved a sketchup with all of the parts of a certain component hidden. Reloading the file still has the components parts hidden. So I cannot unhide as I cannot select the hidden component to unhide the parts within.

Someone had mentioned to show hidden geometry but, for the life of me, I can’t find that command.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Controlling visibility of Hidden Geometry and Hidden Objects are both available under under the View menu. Turn them on to see ghosted cross hatch images of things hidden, including hidden things nested within closed components.

Since you have pro you could also explore the Outliner, under Window > Default Tray on windows machines, which is a text based list with hierarchy of everything in your model. Hidden things appear in the list with the eye closed and the name greyed out, this can be a faster way of finding specific hidden things with deep nesting, and controlling their visibility.

So under view hidden objects I do see some cross hatches but not of the component of interest.

In the default window outliner this looks like a good tool. But I don’t see my component in there. I can only assume that I must of deleted it at some point.

Much thanks for your help. I did learn about the view hidden objects and the outliner so totally worth the exorcise.

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Sounds like it might have been deleted. However, if that is the case there should still be a copy of it in the file. Components deleted from the model space are not removed from the file library unless you manually purge the file. Open Window > Default Tray > Components to open the component browser. Once that is open navigate to the “in model” section, it’s a button with a house icon. This is a list of every component you have ever placed in that file (unless you manually purged the file). Look for your missing component in that list. If you find it click once on it and a fresh instance will be attached to your curser for reinsertion into your model space.

Got the component back in, all is good. Much Thanks.

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You have to be careful if you are using Hide in the Context menu because immediately above it is Erase and they appear to do the same thing initially but it’s definitely not the same. Fortunately you had a component instead of a group or loose geometry in thi instance.