Lost sketch after hiding

using sketchup free. have used sketchup desktop in the past. Hide some components. There was no way to select the hidden components and unhide. Thought that was funny. Tried to select all then unhide everything and now nothing will show. Tried the sunglasses and show all but nothing. How do I get my sketch to unhide?

In the sunglasses menu tick the box for Hidden Objects, this should show all hidden things as a strange white mesh. Select and right click and unhide.
Remember that hiding things is context sensitive, so if it is nested you need to get into the nesting to unhide it.

You can Select All while showing hidden objects, and if anything in the selection is currently hidden, you can right-click on any object, and Unhide to show all of the ones that were hidden.

What Box says about going into groups and components would be true, what I was saying will help with objects at the current level you’re in

Thanks y’all. I reloaded the saved file I had downloaded before and hid and un-hid all day long. Not sure what had happened but am glad I made a back up!

Lesson learned. I’m not a big fan of web based apps and this just goes to show you never know when software will bug out and lose your data.

Hey @treflip. You’re right that software does tend to bug out from time to time. Just so you know, we have two back-up mechanisms in place for the projects you save in SketchUp for Web. The first are recovered files. If you ever have a problem or crash with SketchUp for Web, you can try reloading to open up the most recently cached ‘recovered’ file.

The second mechanism is more persistent and consistent: version history of your SketchUp models, stored in Trimble Connect. We’re working on bringing this closer to SketchUp for Web, but for now, you can sign in to connect.trimble.com to browse and download older versions of any .SKP file you save in SketchUp for Web.

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