I can't unhide items in Sketchup Free

I am using Sketchup from on app.sketchup.com

I have hidden a few items by right clicking and then hiding - i used to use the Google Sketchup free desktop software and there was an option to unhide all - but i cannot for the life of me find the equivalent here.

I must be missing something. If i draw a new shape then click hide, i can undo the action - but i can’t find a way to show hidden items.

I only have the one layer - i read online by searching for answers that you should add things to a layer and then hide it. But i have hidden using right click - but how to show it all again so i can then do it properly?

Surely this is reversable?

Same principle as desktop version.

That’s so strange, i must have been having a brainfart. I went through every option on the right hand side toolbar but i must have stupidly missed it.

Thank you so much

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