Hide/unhide command

Hi all,
This is the 1st time with Sketchup Free after using Sketchup 2017 etc for a for a few yeas. So, How do I hide/unhide a component now? might be me being dumb I know

thanks in advance

Oops, found it myself, idiot moment there

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See options in display and in the component´s entity info:

I didn’t find it in the right click menu either the first few times I tried ‘Free’.
I had started a list of things I wanted in the web app that were in SU17 but were missing from 'Free* and that was at the top! Thelist is now mostly about ‘Styles’ (most are really similar and not what I want) and ‘Textures’ (I really like to make my own).

Just to clarify.Hide

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