Hide - rest of model & similar components

Fairly new to SketchUpFree and I’ve been following some tutorials from a woodworker I follow. In his videos he makes frequent use of the View > Component Edit > Hide similar components and > Hide rest of model options but I can’t find these anywhere in SketchUpFree.

Are they there and I’m just missing them or don’t they exist in SketchUpFree?
If they don’t exist is there some other way to achive the same outcome?

This function doesn’t appear to have been added to the SketchUp Free UI (yet). If it’s ever added I’d expect it to be in Display.

I think you for now can download the model locally, open it in SU Make, create a style with the rest of the model hidden, and re-upload to work on in SU Free.

they are ‘in’ there, but not currently accessible…



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