Parts of model vanished!

Hey folks,
Come across a new problem I’ve not encountered before. I’ve opened my model to continue working on it this morning and random parts have vanished. The tops of chairs, plants from plant pots, metal parts of bookshelves, the flagpole leaving the flag etc. It looks like the Fairy God Mother got drunk and magic’ed away half the components!

The blue boundary box around vanished model parts displays as if the full item is still there, checked parts aren’t hidden, locked, behind section cuts or planes or stuck in scenes. Also just checked to confirm material opacities aren’t set to 0 and edge style is visible. Further more when I re-download an affected model both directly into the file and copy + paste from a fresh window of SketchUp it reapplies the vanish problem to the model. I’ve not worked on or modified the affected models or changed any settings or downloaded any new extensions either. The only new change is SketchUp2021 has been released, but I’ve not updated yet.

(- Photo showing top of chair missing & shelves behind table missing half the model)

I’m assuming I’ve accidentally hit a setting, miss-keyed something on the keyboard or SU2021 is changing some models? Appreciate any help folks could educate my way on this,
Cheers! :slightly_smiling_face:

System - Sketchup Pro 2020, Intel i9-9900k, Nvidia 2080 Strix + latest updates

Do all items in the Outliner and Tags show as visible?

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Ah good shout! Checked - parts of the model that are vanished are showing as ‘hidden tags’, which I am now un-hiding. Problem I’m assuming, solved, much thanks! Out of curiosity how would something like this have happened? These aren’t bit’s I’m aware I’ve hidden through my normal use.

That’s hard to know except that isn’t that difficult to turn visibility off by mistake, especially if the hidden items aren’t in view at the time.

And if they were set as hidden in a scene, anytime you return to it, it will remain hidden until you unhide and update the scene.

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