Hide / Unhide lost my model parts

I was making a model and hide some part and i was making the reaming part. When i unhide i cant get the hidden model. I have click on the unhide all but nothing. In model information i can c there are 6 components and 16 groups etc. Where can i get my model hidden parts

Open Outliner and post a screen shot of it

It did not work with outliner but i have download the Unhide ALL (Edges) - Inside Groups / Components plugin from sketchucation.com and got my model back

Actually after posting i found the problem solved. And installing the plugin. And problem was of my ignore i think. The rest of the model i have hide. And the outer line part i was making to weld the lines and i cant. Then i scale to 100 and my out lines i can view. Try to find my model with hide and hide all i cant. But after deleting the outer lines and then i unhide all and click on zoom extents i got my model. I have a other question if so i cant weld the outer line can i post that