Objects not Staying Hidden in sketchup 2021

With Sketchup 2021 I’m having an issue with a group or component not staying hidden when I reselect a scene. I have tried both to right click on the mouse and hide the object as well as selecting the eyeball icon to be off in the outliner. In 2019 or older versions of Sketchup, if you were to hide a group or component that was imbedded at least one level into another group or component, within the outliner, it would stay hidden. Has anyone else noticed this new feature or loss of the old one? Like the new or old way better? I like the old way of being able to hide things. I could also see how this could be beneficial in terms of cleaning up or organizing the model. My solution to this is to place the group or component onto a hidden Tag(/layer) that is not visible in the selected scene. Any other solutions or ways around this that doesn’t involve updating the scene each time I chose to hide an object?
Thanks for reading!

Have you updated the scene after hiding the object? Since Hidden Objects is a scene property, if you didn’t have the object hidden when you created the scene or didn’t update the scene after hiding it, the object won’t stay hidden for that scene.

Generally it’s better to use tags for controlling visibility of objects in scenes.

Screenshot - 11_17_2021 , 4_46_56 PM