Groups disapear

Hi, does someone can help me,
i haved made 2 groups after i had create my scenes and these 2 groups have disapear of all the scenes. I have try to Select all and Unhide all and it does nothing… Someone knows where can i found back these 2 groups?? And sorry for the language i speak French most of the time… :laughing:

How about sharing your .skp file so we can see what you’ve got?

If you hide something inside a container or wrapper, you actually change the definition of that wrapper.
Before the release of 2020, scenes did not have the capability to remember the states of visibility (hide, show) inside wrappers.
If you use <2020, you need to use Layers.
Or upgrade to 2020, to have more control of the visibility state of your (nested) objects

I dont know how… i know it is probably basing… but i can t find where i can joint my .skp…

Do you mean upload the file? You can drag and drop it into a reply or use the Upload button at the top of the reply window. It’s the one with the arrow pointing up.

C2834CuisineBedard.skp (12.8 MB)

there was 2 cabinets with drawer beetween the oven before… and know thay are gone…

Looks like you’ve hidden them. Go to the View menu, turn on Hidden Geometry. You’ve hidden the contents of the groups. Open the groups for editing, select the components inside and unhide. You can right click on them and choose Unhide.

Chouette, Malade!!! Merci mille fois!!! Thanks you so much so easy when someone show you !

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That’s new. I’ve never been called a sick owl before. :grin:

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