What is the status of this group like the one in the screenshot below?

What is the status of this group like p1picture? It’s not hidden, it’s not frozen, shouldn’t it be displayed like p2 picture? How can I get it to show up? This is a tricky problem that has been bothering me for 4 or 5 days, has anyone encountered a similar situation? I am having this problem when isolating the child objects of a group. :sweat_smile:*

I don’t see a screen shot but it would help if you share the actual .skp file.

Already modified and uploaded

Looks like you have Hidden Geometry turned on and the geometry inside the group has been hidden. Again, if you share the SketchUp model file it’ll be easy to help you without guessing at what you’ve done to your model.

I’m really sorry, the model has been uploaded :grinning:

Where? All I see is a screen shot.

■■■■, newcomers can only upload an attachment, I’ll try to delete the screenshot and upload the model

Don’t make it so complicated. Put it in a reply.

测试.skp (974.6 KB)

The first time to get, so it is, hahahaha

Version 2023

When I opened your file everything was hidden.

After unhiding what can be unhidden at that level there are still two deeply nested objects that are also hidden. Opening the objects until those can be selected and unhidden sorted it out.

It’s kind of a mess with excessive nesting and a whole lot of unused materials.
Screenshot - 5_26_2023 , 8_36_06 PM

Here’s the file with all the objects unhidden.
测试 fixed.skp (921.8 KB)

SketchUp Free (web), right?

It seems that I think the job is too simple

Maybe I didn’t make it clear that I wanted to hide all but the selected group in the group

Your profile info is nonsense but as is it makes us assume you are using the Free Web version, as that is what you have said.
You posted in the Sketchup Category and Dave moved it to the free category because of this. You moved it back.
Only after all that you manage to post the images.
And finally the model.
At this point we have assumed you have an issue with hiding and nesting…
Only now is it obvious that you have an issue with coding.

You will have to wait for someone who works with Ruby to read a thread in the wrong category and offer their help.

To get a better response
Correct your profile information
Post in the correct category
Post an explanation of what your problem really is.

out of curiosity, is this code human or IA generated ?

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