Group not solid

I have a group and it only shows in a graph squares format, i cannot get to solid lines etc ? Everything’s unhidden

Unhide is context sensitive, so you need to enter the group for editing to unhide those faces.

Everything is not unhidden. The group might be visible but the “walls” inside it are hidden.

Ive gone into edit the group and, and everything still seems to be unhidden ?

Here it is in its simplest form using the web version.
GIF 6-01-2024 2-00-10 AM

Can’t tell from your image whether there are any nested groups (groups within other groups). If there are, you need to open for edit down to where the hidden faces are contained. Also can’t tell if they are hidden due to the hide command or a non-visible tag.


That’s exactly the “hidden” looking effect I get, but ive exploded the whole selection of this group, and I still cant get it off hidden ??



So far we are guessing because your image doesn’t fully tell what we are dealing with. Can you share the .skp file here?

Hi All

Thank you for the suggestion offered, as a consequence i persisted with exploding the grouped objects and eventually was able to un hide the walls etc !!

Can anyone advise how best to deal with the “layers” in the file.

I want to hide to top floor to work on the ground. Previously, id have done this with layers, hiding the ones from view obscuring areas below, or lock and hide the group, but you dont seem to be able to hide locked groups on the IPad ?



Could be as simple as just assigning tags (which used to be called layers) to specific groups and then turning those tags on and off using the right hand tag menu.

That would be typical usage for most experienced users. :slight_smile:

By the way, there is rarely a good reason to explode a group or component. You should open it for edit (recursively if there is nesting), at which point you can edit as necessary - including unhiding in that context and changing tags. If a group is locked, just right-click and unlock it.