Hidden groups cannot unhide, despite checked hidden geometry?

A few grouped models were hidden and then revealed when using the Hidden Geometry panel to unhide them, however, 1 of the group did not reveal itself when clicked the unhide button. It can be seen when we clicked the hidden geometry panel but when we unchecked the panel, it disappear.
Does anyone know why and how to reveal it? ;_;

My colleague went into this problem a while ago, though she decided to redo that part from scratch, I would like to find an answer to this problem.

EDIT: I forgot to mention this but I think this is important. When we right-click the ‘‘hidden’’ model to unhide, it only shows the hide option. Normally when an object is hidden, it would show a “unhide” button. Thus we are not sure how and why.

Could it be that the hidden group is within another group?, Use view menu and tick hidden geometry. Can see objects in outliner? Another case could be layers?

Share the SKP file so we can see exactly what you have rather than guessing at possible solutions.

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I’m sorry, we could not provide the skp file as it wasn’t saved at that point and was overwrite (It’s a interior design work for client) ;_;

It’s not hidden within another group, we are sure of it because it was a rectangular block that she was going to make a cabinet out of it. We did tried clicking the edit button and unhide all button under it, only that particular block did not reveal itself. She did it in 1 same layer.

My colleague redid that part by shifting it to another screen so this wasn’t much of a problem but as we are both not sure why this happened, we thought someone might have encountered a similar problem before and could explain to us why.
My apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused ><

Well at this point, we’ll never know for sure what the problem was, then. If it happens again, save the file and upload it so we can help.

I will remember to do so should that happen again. Thank you!

See these topics…


I will take a look at them during my lunch break. Thank you so much for linking them! :smiley: