A bunch of hidden(?) geometry that I can't seem to unhide


Hey all,

I’ve done quite a bit of work now on my Caprian Monestary model (about 70-80 hours!)

It’s the first model I’ve ever made and while sometimes I find it a bit gruelling, I think I should be proud of what I’ve put together.

In the Outliner, I’m pretty sure I have everything unhidden, and yet, one part of my model won’t display.
I know that it’s still there because when I go to ‘View -> Hidden geometry’ I see it.

But I’ve had a good rifle through the Outliner and I can’t find it at all.

I tried googling quickly ‘shortcut command unhide all geometry Sketchup’, – is there such a key shortcut?

Anyway, I can’t seem to make it visible, any clues guys?



The hidden geometry could be nested within a non hidden group or component.
You need to expand the +'s in outliner to see if there are any hidden sub-groups.


Try Edit->Unhide->All

The menu should show you the shortcut key.


Steve, that one only unhides in the current context, so if it’s in a group or sub group it won’t unhide.


Sound to me like someone needs to develop an extension for “Recursive Unhide” - which unhides in the current context and all nested contexts.

And I’ll admit my laziness: It might already exist, but I’m not taking the time to look!

And as I’ve never had any inclination to develop an extension - and learn all that’s necessary about developing for SketchUp, I take myself out of consideration as that “someone”!


Doh! I crossed the logic from delete guides, which recursively gets everything nested in the current context. I seem to be on a roll of too quick replies…


(If the outliner doesn’t help:)
Double click on the (now shown) hidden geometry (preferably a hidden face) and continue to do so till you drill down into the bottom level of nested groups or components That will get you to the raw geometry. If entity info tells you that it’s not the basic geometry that is hidden, than go up one level in hierarchy, (hit [Esc] once to close the lowest editing level you are currently in). It might be that the nested group or component itself is hidden. Just work your way up ( [Esc] ) till you find what has actually been hidden.


Thanks everyone.

I’ve been at this for about 5 hours and I’m probably in need of a break.

I used the UNHIDE ALL function in the menu, and it did seem to show absolutely everything in the scene.

If im honest, I’m not totally sure at which point it became visible again, because I’m tired.
But it may have been when I unhid all.

I tried a few things to be honest.

Thanks guys!!


So this can be a good point to correct the face orientations and keep a backup of your file…


I’m not sure I follow… ?


Unhide All by Rick Wilson
unhide_all.rbz (465 Bytes)

From here…
Ruby Library Depot

Geometry inside Groups Was Hidden
Hidden groups cannot unhide, despite checked hidden geometry?
Hidden Lines inside edited group

I believe Cotty is referring to the blue/grey faces in the picture of your model you posted, which indicate reversed faces and should be repaired. Select any blue face, then right click to access the menu and select " reverse faces" it should turn white indicating that the outside is out and the inside is in and all is right with the world.


All is right with the world :smiley: D
I like it :slight_smile:
Lets not get stressed about the British election! :slight_smile: if my 3d model’s alright! IM alright! :smiley:

I know that’s not what you meant but I need a little humour and you inspired it :slight_smile:

Yeah I don’t know why they ever turned out blue to be honest… I modeled them so long ago…

Thanks for the tip. Yeah I go around fixing up blues now and again .
The blue parts on the pillars should be easy but …
There’s a couple bits on the flanks of the archway (crisscross window) which are stubborn as hell.

(The arch being a bunch of segments… Somehow 1 of the segments is reversed and I can’t reverse it without also reversing ‘the rest’ of the archway.)

IIRC, I had doing that first archway was a pain for me because i didn’t use follow-me correctly. - I made a profile but had it positioned above the line to follow. -whereas I should.have positioned it below the line. (Hard to explain).

Long and short, I did that arch-follow-me in two steps- one follow for the horizontal line leading up to the arch area, and another for the arch itself.

Where the two met I had tonnes of overlap and broken geom. (Loads of holes appeared and I spent ages drawing silly number of lines to fix it).

This principle basically:

That is all history! so they say. If none of that made sense I don’t blame you-- it’s a messy explanation of a messy mistake!

You sketch and learn! :sweat_smile:


Yes, if only it were that easy to make all right in the world. Good luck! :call_me_hand:t3:


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