Geometry inside Groups Was Hidden

Hello Everyone,

I’m hoping you guys could help me out here. I’m converting a Revit file to SketchUp per my usual workflow. I’m cleaning up the model by erasing lines and stuff and somehow in the process of doing this and grouping/exploding walls it’s forced all the geometry in certain groups to be hidden.

I usually run the CleanUup3 plugin and since I was messing with the walls I had it set just the geometry to Layer 0. For some reason though, now about 90% of the geometry inside the groups are hidden… So I can turn all layers on and things will be hidden. I turn on Hidden Geometry and discovered that they’re still there, but somehow the lines and faces in most of the groups in this model have now been hidden somehow.

Is there a way to quickly unhide these? This is an academic building with 3 stories. I don’t want to have to click into everything and unhide manually.



I’ve never used it, but there is plugin that were coincidentally mentioned earlier today for this sort of thing. See this thread…

How do I apply this?