Tough luck... first thing I did was hiding a group

Hi guys!

This has come a long way! Fantastic work!

Major thing is how good it all looks, the grey Icons are pleasant to the eyes very connected to sketchup yet less graphical intensive, They do look great!

The thing is, I started by looking at the left menu wich looks very good with a clever grouping of tools and moved on to the right menu, wich also looks very good yet a bit hard to read wich menu is wich.

It starts with entity info and as it needs something selected to work so I selected a group from an old model. As I tried the nice looking buttons I checked visibility off!

Now what?

I can’t turn it on again! :smiley:

There’s no outliner, there’s no turning on visible geometry. I searched for edit styles and I couldn’t… I lost my model :grimacing:

Glad I found something that simple!

In my.SketchUp’s preview/beta period, you should expect to find new features and such launching gradually over time. We’re not done with this thing yet, but we felt if was complete enough to merit sharing it widely with the SketchUp community. Your comments are great and very helpful- keep them coming!


And you felt right, thanks for taking my comments in consideration. I love Sketchup+Layout, (a love-hate relation with Layout to tell you the truth…) so all the work you guys develop means a lot!

I just wish I could use my invite.

@JQL you can use the ‘hidden’ Unhide All command :wink:


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But where in my.sketchup can I do that? It doesn’t have a ruby console that I know of…

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Most browsers have a JS console.

In Chrome it’s CTRL+SHIFT+i to bring up the Dev Tools window.
In MSIE, it’s F12.


Thank you both! Always learning…


Oh ok - but lets bring Geek mode front end for all! :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this possible now without resorting to the browser developer console? It looks like this topic is about 3.5 years old, but it’s still not obvious how to unhide a group that I hid using the “eye” icon in the Entity Info panel. :neutral_face:


and in desktop version: Edit > Unhide


Aha! Thanks! (I assume this is more straightforward on a paid plan with the outline viewer?)