Hidden Lines inside edited group


I tried looking for a answer to my problem, but I can’t seem to find anything to help my situation.

While editing a group in wireframe facestyle, I hid one side of a corridor to have better access to the other side of the corridor. ( Form my searches I realise that there are better ways to do this)

I want to unhide that hidden side of the corridor, but I can’t seem to unhide it. Unhiding all does not seem to work and I have other groups with the exact corridor, so showing hidden geometry is also not helping.

Any advice?

I would turn on Hidden Geometry in the View menu then select the dashed lines and use Entity Info to turn off the Hidden toggle.

And if you still don’t see anything with hidden geometry on, set all the Layers to visible.

If the hidden edge is within a group or component, then I think you will need to open that group (such as via double-clicking on part of it) in order to change the visibility of the edge in question.

Install the the Unhide_All plugin found in this topic.

Use of the Hide command to control visibility while modeling often leads to confusion.
Best to use it sparingly and only in the topmost modeling context. Here’s why.

Edit > Unhide > All … Works only upon entities hidden within the current modeling context.
Edit > Unhide > Last … Works globally just once.
After that, the Unhide command is context sensitive.
Consequently, un-hiding entities hidden within groups requires re-enter their editing context to Unhide.

The aforementioned handy little plugin will unhide all your hidden entities in one go.