Hidden geometry not reappearing

I hid a level group of my model and now I can’t seem to get it to re-appear. I tried selecting all and un-hiding selected but the lower level of my model still didn’t show up. How do I un-hide everything in my model even if it is hidden in a group?

If you have hidden groups inside other groups, you have to open the parent groups for editing then do
Edit Menu ->Unhide-> All.

Another way to find them is to look in the Outliner window. Hidden groups will be greyed out. Just right-click on each hidden one and choose “Unhide” from the menu.


Also be sure that items are not on a layer that has been visually turned off.


another way is to use the menu View/Hidden Geometry. You can then select any hidden geometry that becomes visible, R-click on it, and select Unhide.


Especially when combined with the Zoom Extents function, which may reveal out-lying bits and pieces.

Did you ever find the hidden geometry? Is it possible that you erased it instead of hid it? They are right next to each other in the Context menu.

why has the file not been posted yet? Are we testing our mental telepathy?

I got the level to display using the display hidden geometry menu selection then unhiding selected choice. Thanks for everyone’s help.

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