Lost Geometry when Hide and Unhide



I saved several scenes in my model and now one of them is getting me in trouble… I have hidden part of my model but when I select view hidden geometry I see it but I can’t select the right click option for “Unhide”, instead of that “Hide” appears again. I can´t recover that part of my model. In other saved view I can see only a few part of the geometry.

In this link you can see some screenshots of the problem.



Share the SKP file please.


It can be found now in the same link.



You hid the geometry for those three house instead of hiding the components themselves. To unhide the geometry, you have to open the component for editing first. It’s exactly the same as you’d do to make any other changes to the content of the component.

BTW, you should fix the geometry in the terrain. Evidently the edges and faces aren’t on Layer 0 where they belong.


I haven’t noticed that…! Thanks a lot!

The terrain is imported from revit. Thanks for the advice. I gonna work with it.


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