Why it doesn't appear on screen

Hi everybody, does anyone know why what I’m selecting does not appear on the screen.
It appears to me as if I were selecting it with the blue box lines but the construction does not appear. also it is not hidden or anything. Im using sketchup 2018!

Post your model for us to take a look. Do you have visibility turned off for any layers?

ive already posted it. And yes, i have visibility in all my layers

I don’t see a .skp file attached. Upload the actual model file, not a screenshot.

practica-sketch up desde 0.skp (833.9 KB)
sry, i didnt understand

Your roof is hidden. Go to view>hidden geometry and you will see it. The hidden geometry is inside a group, when you select unhide all it only unhides things in the current context, so things inside the closed group are not unhidden. You need to open that group for editing and select unhide all. or turn on hidden geometry and enter the group triple click on the geometry to select it all, then right click and select unhide.

thank you so much, now it works!!!

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