How to make it so hidden parts within a group only apply to a chosen scene?

Is there an option so that if I hide some geometry which is part of a group, that it’s only hidden on the particular scene which I’m working on?
It seems the hide command works differently depending on whether I’m hiding a whole object or an item within a group. (when hiding a whole object, then the hidden status is always overruled by the scene settings which is how it should be, however if I want to hide a face within a group, then it will stay hidden even on different scenes and not be overuled by how I saved the scene).
It would help my workflow considerably if there was a way to make it work in the same way.
Can anyone advise?

Share your .skp file so we can see exactly what you are working with and trying to accomplish. Generally the best option is to group the geometry and give the groups tags. Then use the tags to control what is visible in each scene.

Thanks for the reply.

I have attached an skp file to demonstrate the issue.

So the model contains 2 objects - a cube and a chair. I have also created 3 scenes.

As you can see I have coloured 3 of the sides (faces) of the cube - red, green and blue.

Working in scene 1, if I double click on the cube to enter the group and then hide the red side only, then it is also hidden on scenes 2 and 3. But I only want it hidden on scene 1.

However, working in scene 1 again, if I hide the chair (a complete group), then it’s still visible on scenes 2 and 3, which is what I want to happen.

So is there a way to make hidden geometry in a group behave the same way as hidden objects?

I don’t want to use tags or group the geometry which I want to hide as it’s too time consuming for my work flow and the types of projects I need to do.

Example.skp (611.1 KB)

Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2019. Is that correct? Assuming it is, you should be making groups of each side of the cube and assigning a tag to those groups. then change the visibility state for the side(s) you don’t want to see in the scene. In later versions of SketchUp the Hide feature was changed to allow hiding by scenes but Tags are still a better way to manage object visibility in scenes.


Sorry. Using groups and tags is the way SketchUp is intended to work. The method you want to use doesn’t work. It clearly is consuming more time than just using the correct work flow would.

Also note that in the case of your chair, tags are used incorrectly. All edges and faces should be left untagged. Only components/groups should get tags.

No. Scenes capture only the visibility of ungrouped edges and faces. Within groups and components, only nested objects’ visibility can be saved in scenes.

I might be having a senior moment, but I think that in either version 2018 or 2020 you could capture the visibility of geometry inside components, but the behaviour caused so much havoc with components that it has been reverted since.