Attaching TEXT to a surface


Text is floating and stays in the same orientation (and scale) when orbiting or zooming. The Tutorial says “Select Text Tool and double click on a surface to place the text.”


That step only fixes the anchor-point for the text’s leader arrow-head [if any].
Text ‘floats’ as you observed, it also resizes to remain a constant point-size in the screen [e.g. 12(pt)] - unless you have chosen to make it with a fixed dimension height [e.g. 100mm].

If you want to make text that is 'flat and glued to a surface use 3dText.
With no extrusion and a painted face it will ‘glue’ onto a surface - however it does not auto-include what it’s pointing at - you must type the text-string.
Also, unlike Text, standard 3dText is not editable after it’s been committed.

But there are several Plugins/Extensions to do this for you - allowing editing of their own text-elements later on:
My own 2dTools plugin includes 2dText
Also my Area Text Tag plugin links its ‘flat’ text to a select face and always reports its current area
Thomthom has his 3d Text Editor
Dave Penney has similar tools Flat Text and


Text is always orientated to face towards the camera and it’s size is related to the screen rather than the model.

I would recommend using layers and scenes to hide/show text as required

An alternative solution: If it’s just a few words of text you can make it into geometry with the 3D text tool (un-tic the ‘extruded’ box to make it flat), then explode it, then make it a component - set the axis to the bottom left corner and tic “always face camera” before pressing OK.


Thanks. The 3D text works (putting a house number on the wall).


To create leader text that stays put (doesn’t follow the ‘camera’): Make a very small arc, then DIMENSION the arc and change the text. The arc itself ca be deleted. (Change the dimension properties to “Align to dimension”)


I usually just cheat and use the Dimensions tool, and change the text to whatever I want it to say. You can’t get rid of the dimensioning arrows, etc., but I accomplish the main purpose – labeling something, and it sticks.