Making simple text stick to surface

Does anyone know if you can add text labels (not 3d) direct to a surface & make it stick?

Thanks in advance

No. Text/labels won’t stick to a surface.

This might help, it is about your subject, but in another recent thread:
See the last post with the example about ‘sea level dimension text’ on a large face.

I know you said not 3D but the best you could do is 3D text with no extrusion.

You can use an image of text with transparent background.



Thanks Guys - I thought that was the case but no harm in asking. The issue I have is when doing a 2D layout in sketchup and then exporting to layout, the text is too small. All good guys, I will try and sort something out

Why not add the text in LayOut? There’s no reason for it being too small in any case.

The main reason being, we work with retailers in developing their stores.
We currently use a 2d Program called (smart draw) which works quite fine for doing basic store layout and planograms. These are all templates so its just drag and drop opposed to needing to write every new POG from scratch. I’m trying to convince the business to stop using smartdraw and move all to using sketchup so we aren’t duplicating work…making text text legible is very important.

It’ll be easier to make text legible in LayOut and if you build your SketchUp models correctly using components that have usable names, you can let Auto Text fill in the labels and you won’t have to type a thing. Make components for your SketchUp models and save them in collections for later use so you’ll have the drag and drop ability. I’d be inclined to make 3D components of the different elements. You can create 2D only views if that’s what you want but you’ll also be able to create 3D perspective views which are often easier for the average person to understand than 2D views.

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