2d text box

I’m using the web version of sketchup.
Linux mint and firefox as a browser
How I can insert a “normal” 2d text on my drawings?
With my trial version that run under windows on my laptop, there are two box: one for the 3d text and another one for the 2d text, on the web version it looks to me that only the 3d box is available.

Many thanks

There currently isn’t a Text tool for placing labels or screen text in SketchUp Free. You can use 3D Text with the extrusion distance set to 0.

Thank you Dave!
Result is not so nice…

SketchUp Free is always evolving and features are being added all the time. I have no idea if or when labels will be added but it could happen any day.

hope so!

You could always export images of your model and add labels and other text in another program. Or, use SketchUp Make or SketchUp Pro.

make or pro doesn’t works under linux… I’m having a lot of problem tryng to install it with wine…

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