I need to write small information on my project


I need to write small information on my project, but I cannot find any text tool.
I´m sketchUo free web based.
Is there any way to access tools to write?


The only text option in SketchUp Free right now is 3D Text. What sort of information and where do you need to display it?


I would like to indicate a security camera and a sensor. As an additional

I would like only to draw a line and make a note, to call attention to
these items.


If you want to do that in SketchUp, you’ll need to use a desktop version since there’s currently no Label tool in SketchUp for Web. Or you could export an image of your model and use an image editor or someoother program to add the labels.


Why not make some 3d text saying what you want.
Then add a line to make a ‘leader’.
Then make a component of those two elements, choosing the leader’s ‘arrowhead’ as the origin and also setting it to be a ‘face-me’ component, and with gluing behavior.
Delete the original instance, and add a new instance of that component definition, so that it is linked to your camera-object ?



Thanks for offering the Text feature!
You´re awesome


Label tool has been added!


Very nice!


Label tool options does not work in model info but you can edit in entity info


The text settings in Model Info are for dimensions only.


There’s options there to change the size of the fonts of dimensions but they are not functioning however you can create a dimension then select it and adjust the size in entity info


Yes. You need to create the dimensions first. Then you can edit them.


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