How do i add Text?

Im using beta on a chromebook. very limited icons. something simple has eluded me.


Another feature that isn’t implemented in My.SketchUp, yet. You can add dimensions, though.

Did you see this from John in the other thread?

Thanks everbody.

How long has this version of sketchup been in beta mode?

It’s been in open beta for a couple of months or so. There’s an awful lot of stuff to work out so that it will work in all the browsers out there. Have patience.

I understand. It’s fantastic for what I need. I will gladly wait for all the features


still waiting on the text, label tool. any word?

If you need to add text and labels now, you can use 3D Text (and leave it 2D) or you can use a desktop version of SketchUp. They don’t announce in advance when features will be added. I expect these will be added when they are ready.

thanks ill give that try.

text, label tool added. thanks. very much appreciated it.

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Yes text tool is indeed added but no announcement in the changelog.
Font sizes will change the size of fonts under entity info when the text is selected but the size selection does nothing under the model info tab.
Good try though.

yes very happy with text label tool, but need to individually select none for endpoints instead of arrows nor can select none and have all endpoints updated through the model info tab.

Why not select them all and make the changes en masse?

Its rather confusing because there is a way to set default in dims but not in labels. You’ll have to select each label individually (so far) but as Dave pointed out you can change them all at the same time once they are all selected.

hey thanks, good idea.

I think i’m missing something. I can’t seen an option in Browser Version to add text. Is there a button?


very happy with the text tool. wondering if “sketchup for the web”
will add an option for the leader in the text tool to * Convert to Curve"
like shape style for the leader option in regular sketchup.

That’s a LayOut thing, not SketchUp.

thanks for the correction.