Adding text to objects


I’ve searched the SketchUcation and the Extension Warehouse looking for an editor tool to add text to my drawing. I’ve used the dimension tool and edited the dimension to what I wanted but that’s a crude method. I really wanted to do something like placing a larger font text on top of, say a rectangle object. SO…If I draw a 20x20x3/4 rectangle, as an example, I would want to place text on top or attach in some way “miter slot”.

I found something called Flattext in SKU but didn’t really do what I wanted. The warehouse popped up 3D editor but looked the same a where the text as placed.

I’m a home wood worker and use the free version that suits 99.9% of the time I need to do something.

Any advise on doing this?


Presumably this is for your own use? Some people use 3D text either extruded or not extruded. You could use the Text tool to place labels in your model space. Alternatively you could export images from SketchUp and insert them into something like a Word document. Then add text in Word. Or you could just print out the view of the model and write in the text with a pen.

Really for what you are asking, LayOut would be a better option but that requires SketchUp Pro.

In what way does FlatText not work for you?

It will place text on a rectangle, and you can retrospectively edit most of its properties including the font size.

Or use the Editable 3D text plugin?

I’m also not sure what your issues really are, unextruded 3d text will glue to whatever you put it on, and the Editable extension version allows you to go back and edit it after the fact.
This is just the standard one.
If we are missing something you need to explain it to us.

The test I did created a really huge text in my model. I fiddled around but without having any instructions I couldn’t figure out how to get it to be smaller. The info on the download page just has two photos of what the menu options are.

Yes, it’s for my own use I am not distributing anything.

I don’t use the pro version as I have no need to invest with what I do. I understand there are limitations and I was just trying to find a way, if, that I could do this.

I tried the text tool that comes with and it was kind of cluggie sometimes in that the text would get lost in the model or not move with the object. I’m sure it’s something I did incorrectly.

Yes, I see. The defaults do that - IIRC the author designed the defaults to give an M height of 12” full size in an architectural drawing, which comes out at about 1/4” in a 1:48 or 1:50 scale drawing.

You can reduce the height by setting a fraction of this as one of the parameters (not at my computer so can’t remember offhand how it’s labelled) to get approximately the height you want.

I find it very useful, but like you I found it a bit of a struggle to figure out some of the settings.

I think you’d get the best results if you’d export images of your scenes and add the text in another application.

Yes, that’s an option but I would have to write it each time I made changes to the model and I wanted it to be with it already.

Thank you

True. Any text you add in your SketchUp model, whether by the normal Text tool, 3D Text, or Flat Text will require editing if you change the model. So no matter which way you do it, you’ll have to rewrite the text.

I know you aren’t willing to go this route but for others who come along. a lot of that can be automated if you use SU Pro and LayOut. For example every bit of text here would update automatically and appropriately after edits to the SketchUp model. It would be the same throughout the rest of the plan, too.

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