Can you add text strings to SketchUp? Please let us edit 3D text

Can you add text strings to SketchUp? It would be great if we could edit 3D text like in Blender. Also import text from lots of other programs. Even if the strings from other programs are just broken into lines. Text labels are editable but 3D text isn’t in SketchUp.

Editing 3D text can be done. This has been an option for since 2012 via a plugin for those who need it…

If you don’t want to overload the model with the sometimes heavy geometry of full 3D Text, have a look at the FlatText plugins by @davepenney (Dave Penney) - free and paid for - on the Extension Warehouse.

Even the paid for one with more features is not expensive (about $15 US IIRC) and it uses lightweight fonts that are 2D only, and stay where they are put, unlike the native SU Text boxes, which behave like FaceMe components.

Thanks for the plug, John!

Even though it costs for a license, the unlicensed (FREE) version of FlatText still lets you edit all aspects of your text. Just not as slick as the paid version. :slight_smile:

I think the common grounds for the developers were that you still have to copy past or type in the text itself, and that it’s the same amount of work if you delete the existing and then place a new.

But, changing the font and size is the tricky part, so an option to pick these settings from an exising 3Dtext component would be nice…

The edit 3D text plugin should just be part of the core files. When we set the size, font and everything else it’s difficult to remember all that stuff. I just totally forgot SketchUp could edit 3D text. I found the plugin but we shouldn’t have to look around to see if basic stuff like that can be done. Why remove basic features like text editing? It’s just an 8kb file. It would be great to see some improvements with the text editors in the program.