Edit 3D Text in SketchUp

I dit an text, but i forget an letter, how i edit an text i did ?

For exemple, i put 30mm… but correct is 40 mm.

How i edit it ?

Unique way to it is delete text and to do again ?


There is no direct way to edit 3D text short of remaking it. ThomThom created an extension that creates editable 3D text but you have to create the text with his extension to be able to edit it.

You could be using the Dimension tool instead of 3D text for your dimensions. Then they’d show dimensions based on how you’ve drawn the model. You wouldn’t have to worry about mis-typing them.

3D Text is ordinary geometry; although you can’t exactly “edit” it as a text object, you can, nonetheless, make certain changes to it as geometry. For instance, you can enter the context of a 3D text component and select and move some of the letters to one side to open up a space. You can then fill the space with another 3D Text object.

Depending on how much time you’ve invested in the misspelled text object, you may or may not find that tweaking it to add a character is faster than doing it over.