Edit this existing text in a model

Hello. I am totally new to sketchup, and in general to 3d modelling. I found a cool SKP online and would like to edit a parte of it. More precisely, it’s a car and for now I’d like to change the license plate. Can anyone give me a tip about how to do this? I hoped it was as simple as changing the existing text, but it seems not to be :sweat_smile: :joy:.
Thanks to everyone in advance!

Delete the text and create a new one.

It might be 3D text, with no visible thickness, which isn’t editable natively in SU. Though there is a plugin called something like 3D text editor by ThomThom on Sketchucation Plugin Store https://sketchucation.com/pluginstore?pln=tt_texteditor which enables editing of text drawn with the plugin.

If you can share a link to where you downloaded the car model from, someone on this forum can have a look at it for you, if Mihai’s suggestion doesn’t simply work.