Edit/Delete Text in SU'21

How do I erase or edit text in a model? This should be easy but I’m not having any luck with the latest update in Mac Monterrey

What kind of text are you referring to? Screen text, a lable, 3D Text?

If you share your model file it would help.

Text I’ve added to a model to identify components eg “Drawer” “Closet” “Mirror”

Was it created as 3D text? Or did you add it differently?

At least show us a screenshot if you aren’t going to share the .skp file.

If you mean the text you added to create a component, you can easily edit that in the entity info tray.

So that’s screen text. You should be able to double click on it to edit it or simply select it and press the Delete key to get rid of it.

I thought so to but I can’t. This is the latest SU Pro version as well as Mac Monterrey. Hmmm. I can’t get the text to highlife and the eraser does nothing. Should be easy.

Maybe there’s something going on with your model. If you upload it here I’ll take a look at it.

Island 2 side drawers.skp (68.9 KB)

Try deleting the faces the text is on. You can do this temporarily. Thenyou should be able to select and edit or delete the text. Or, if you zoom back so the text extends beyond the model you should be able to select and edit or delete the text.
Screenshot - 2_13_2022 , 12_23_47 PM

Is there a reason you are only drawing in 2D in SketchUp and haven’t used groups or components?

What is the plan for your model? Might make more sense to add the text in LayOut.

Okay Dave, I’ll try deleting the face. I’m using 2D to do cabinet elevations. I don’t need 3D at this point. Just need to give something to my client for approval then I’ll refine. Oh, and I don’t know Layout yet. Thanks for your help. I’ll give it a whirl.

Yep that worked!!! Thank you so much Dave!

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Just guessing but I imagine your client will have an easier time “reading” a 3D perspective view of the island.

In LayOut, something like this.