Adding to text information to my drawing

I am trying to add text to my drawing. What I do is pretty basic and just trying to add customer information
and information about my product to my drawing. Everytime I try to print this or send it as a PDF. The text will duplicate itself in the middle of my drawing as well as on the sides of the drawing. I have Sketchup Go and not sure if I upgrade if that will make a difference. Does anyone have any advice on this?

Attach a skp and someone may be able to help you out. How did you add the text? Did you use the text box tool?

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What happens if you export a PNG?

An upgrade would be to SketchUp Pro. With that you would get LayOut which would be much better for creating PDF documents, especially if you want them to be professional looking. My advice would be to make the jump to Pro. You’ll still have access to Go as well.

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Thank You and I have been thinking about upgrading. I wasn’t sure if it would make a difference. My drawing are very basic so I won’t be using some of the program but hope to learn more of it as I go.

What is it you’re modeling?

I am using the text box tool but again, I don’t think it’s meant for what I would like to use it for.
I assume it is more for just labeling part of the drawing. I am new to sketchup obviously so it’s all a learning curve for me at the moment.

The Text tool in SketchUp is designed for adding simple labels but also screen text which is anchored to the screen location instead of the model. As you guess, it’s really not intended for quite what you are doing with it.

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We do Murphy Bed and custom cabinetry. So I work on 3D renderings to send to customers. We were working on a drafting program for years but I wanted to upgrade and decided to work on Auto Cad then Sketchup. We typically add all of the customers information on the drawing but I am finding that a bit hard to do when It transfers to a PDF. It just duplicates and can’t find any info on how to fix that.

You do think that upgrading will help with what I need to add text to my drawing?

I’m not sure what the cause is for that but likely it’s not something you can fix.

I think you would do better with SketchUp Pro and LayOut. You can do your modeling in SketchUp and add whatever text you need for the customer in LayOut including dimensions, labels, customer data, and so on.

Here’s a couple of screen grabs from a file I created. These were done with a SketchUp model in LayOut. The full document is for shop drawings so my customer could build the thing. the label text is all automatically filled when the labels are placed.

Oh this is PERFECT!! Yes, that’s exactly what I need. I really appreciate the help. It’s been a frustrating last few hours trying to figure this out. I am not familiar with Layout but will get on this right away. Thanks again for all of your help. Your truly helped me ALOT today.

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Go through the tutorials at They will help you get on with both SketchUp and LayOut.

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DaveR has you sorted out. For professional work with customers, Pro/Layout is best.

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Thank You so much!!!

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