Text problem


I am using SketchUp Layout 2023. I am having problems with the text tool. Everytime I try to create a textbox it has the text marker on the right side of the textbox and won’t let me add text. What is wrong

At least show a screenshot of what you are seeing.

The only way I can an get to use a textbox is one that I had on the drawing. I included a snapshot also I hope you will understand the drawing. It is a link to my Dropbox if you have problems accessing it let me know


Evidently the forum software removed the DropBox link. Send it to me in a PM if you want.

Do you see the image right above your last reply that is what I sent. I thought it would be a Dropbox link I am sorry for what I sent. The image is right there

I see the image. I thought you were sharing the LO file via DropBox.

Is it possible you have an active layer under the one with the ellipse?

I figured my problem out I stuck the textbox in the grey area and typed a couple of letters and I noticed they were white. The text was set to white and so I changed it to black and it was fine.

That would do it. Glad you got it sorted out.