Layout Text Box issue in Sketchup Pro 2022

I’ve just updated from SketchUP Pro 2021 to SketchUP Pro 2021.
There seems to be a problem with the text boxes in Layout 2022.
Please refer to the image. The full text is in the box on the left.
The box on the right shows the same text, with the box cropped to the red arrow.
The problem is that Layout shows text below the box and red arrow.
This didn’t happen in previous versions of Layout.
If I export to .pdf, the text below the box and red arrow doesn’t show.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Best to upload and share an example file where this is showing.

I can duplicate it easily enough.

Looks like a bug to me.

Thanks Dave
At least I know it’s not just me / my software and hardware setup.
I hope SketchUP provide a fix.
Best wishes

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So what do I do now? In the middle of a project that I need to create construction notes.

Until it’s fixed I see two options. Split the text into multiple text boxes or go back to LO2021.

I was able to replicate this myself…

Are you not able to right click>Size to Fit on the text box?


Even though the perimeter arrows have not ‘resized’, I was able to export to PDF and the text box was not cropped.

I think it’s possibly similar to what I reported a while ago:

Which ( for me ) still happens once in a while.

I think the issue is that moving the bottom edge of the text box up ought to crop the text but it doesn’t. Or maybe I misunderstood the OP.

I see it too. It does crop but not where it should.

The issue for me is that the cropped text below the red arrow shows on the screen in Layout. Normally this isn’t an issue because one wouldn’t normally crop the size of a text box to hide text… I do!
Fortunately, the cropped text that I see in Layout doesn’t show on a 'pdf export.
Unfortunately, the cropped text that I see in Layout does show on an image export.
It is a bug that the SketchUP people need to fix.

Why do I crop text boxes?
My filenames always start with a number that represents the date, e.g., “20220218 Proposed New House”
My drawing numbers always start with a number that represents the date, e,g, “Elevations 20220218 /1” I automate to a degree becauise the “20220218” on the drawing number is a very much cropped auto text of the file name.

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