Bounding box issue for text in Layout

In the 2021 issue of Layout, I am experiencing a strange problem with text imports into layout. When the Anchor buttons are used, the text behaves as expected but the bounding box does not conceal the remainder of the text document when stretched.

Layout Issue.layout (28.0 KB)

Hi Brent, how are you importing your text? What is the original file type?

it looks like something has broke when importing text and we are no longer clipping text in all cases. We have this bug captured internally LO-14044 but would like to find out how this broke for you.


The text file was created in MS Word but saved to RTF format. The issue doesn’t appear to be related to that word file only because the issue now occurs in older documents when we open them in the newest version of Sketchup.
BTW, we now get the same result if we use a Ctrl-C / Ctrl-V method to import the text from MS Word which also used to work in previous versions of Sketchup.