Text bounding box issues

I’m having problems with text characters being shown outside of the text bounding box.

When I set the text to anchor in either direction, the opposite end continues through all paragraphs regardless of where I set the bounding box.

The text seems as if its bleeding onto different viewports in layout specifically, but when I print sheets to pdf. the text/ bounding box appear to work as expected.

Is there a way to troubleshoot this in layout? Ive tried importing text from word, as well as copy/past but results are the same.

Have you tried different fonts?

Yes, it didn’t seem to make any difference.

There has been a report of this sort of thing already. I tried to find the thread but didn’t. I have been able to duplicate it, too. Currently the only thing I’ve found to sort it out is to make the ounding box larger or edit the text to remove what would otherwise bleed beyond the box.

I just uploaded an image and test file.

Hi @cwelsh07,

We are aware of this issue and looking into fixing it in a future release. Note that this only occurs on Windows, mac works as expected, clipping the text that is outside of the bounded text box bounds.



Ok, good to hear. I wonder what changed as this was a non-issue for me in the 2019 version.
Thanks for the response.

This started with the 2021 version.