Weird bug using lists

I can’t figure it out. Sometimes when using lists, I can’t position my pointer inside of the texts, without LO closing the text edit mode. If I turn off the list then turn it back on again, it stops the problem. It doesn’t seem to be related to whether the text box is sized to fit or whether or not it is bounded.


When you enter text edit, do you notice that the text is a significantly different size than when you’re not in the editor? We do have a bug in the Windows text editor that can incorrectly calculate the size of the text for certain fonts and font sizes - the effect of this bug is that if you try to click into the bottom of your text box, LayOut will think that you’re trying to exit the editor. The workaround is to always click at the start of the text box, and then use the arrow keys to move the cursor down to the desired location. Try that, and keep me posted! If that’s the problem you’re having, I’d appreciate knowing what font & font size you’re using.


First of all, you’re not allowed to criticize. I’m using…Verdana (8 pt and 10pt). :scream: When IKEA did it, I thought, “Hmm, why not?”
Anyway, the bug does mostly seem to apply as you’ve indicated, but it also occurs when clicking on the last item of a multi-line list (bound). I’ve been alternately using that work-around (using arrows) or changing from list to plain text, then back again. I only brought this up because I was writing specs on a sheet, in bullet form, and the darn thing kept wigging out on me.

Oh, and LayOut wish list item: Ability to edit the tab / space after bullet. That’s a mighty big gap between the bullet and text! :neutral_face:

I don’t judge anyone’s font selection, I’m a software developer. Just so long as it’s not “Algerian”.

The bulleted list code in LayOut depends heavily on the RTF implementation on each operating system (Windows, Mac) and there are a number of things that we’d like to clean up in there. I’ll add your request to our list.


Thanks! :smile:
Is it too much to also ask for the ability to create tables? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I use this heavily in AutoCAD to build easy-to-edit schedules of values (room finishes, doors, etc.)

Two of our most common feature requests are better support for tables, and tables that are live-updated from the SketchUp model. Unfortunately I can’t promise when we’ll get that done.

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I know this is an old topic, but like gkm mentioned - is there any possible way to edit the space in a list between the bullet/number and the text? That half-inch in there is taking up valuable drawing real-estate and is driving me nuts.


I believe that space is auto-generated by the underlying text editor, which is supplied by the operating system. In any case it’s not controllable from LayOut that I’m aware of.

Here’s a trick that just occurred to me - you may be able to use a table to get more control over the formatting. Make a table with 2 columns - in the first column, you can put the bullet character. In the second column, the text. (One row per item, obviously). Then you can control the bullet spacing by adjusting the column widths.