Layout 2024 List Issue on Mac

Just started using the new Layout 2024 and something seems to be up with the lists function on the Mac version. If I try to create a numbered or bulleted list by selecting the text, going to the menu Text>List… and setting my numbering, I get a list that looks like this:
Item 2
Item 3
The list is supposed to look like this:
1 Item 1
2 Item 2
3 Item 3

The weird thing is if I click on the text to edit it, the displays correctly. When I’m finished editing and click out, it goes back to the weird formatting. It happens in old files and brand new files. It seems to be related to the automatic tab that is inserted between the number and the list item. If I remove the space manually, it goes back to normal. If I then insert the tab manually, the item text goes to the next line. Anyone else seeing this behavior?

May be a Mac-only issue. It seems to be working fine for me on Windows.

Screenshot - 4_12_2024 , 7_54_53 AM

If the text box is narrower it looks like this, though.
Screenshot - 4_12_2024 , 7_56_43 AM

Curious about your method of starting a text box. Do you single click to start it or do you drag out a textbox window?

I’ve tried it by drawing and text box and by just single clicking and typing. Does not change the behavior.
Screenshot 2024-04-12 at 9.01.21 AM
This is what it looks like if you click into the text box to edit. It displays correctly in this view for some reason. Resizing the box does not affect anything.

Weird. Maybe @adam will have some insight.

same problem for me

Are you using the new graphics engine? I think there were some issues with lists / tables during the beta. Have you tried exporting to see what happens? I know it doesn’t help as its hard to finalize pages when they look wrong, but IIRC some of these issues export correctly because export uses the legacy graphics engine.

I am using the new graphics engine. I tried printing to a PDF and it prints correctly. I turned off the graphics engine and sure enough, it displays correctly. Thank you for the tip!

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My assumption from what Trent said was that it should all export correctly.

I have tested it and it appears to be so – but it’s still disconcerting to use the experimental engine.

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I am experiencing the same issue, and hopefully this small bug will be rectified in the next release!

I use lists for referring to numbered items in my plans presentation (and, sometimes, construction drawings), as well as for the Construction Notes and Additional Notes on drawings - these can be quite lengthy and occupy a lot of space, so tidying up your layout with WYSIWYG can be somewhat frustrating…

I do enjoy the speed improvements with the new Graphics Engine, so am now placing much of it into Tables - but less than ideal :frowning: