LO Text Box Bug

I have this intermittent annoying problem when resizing LO text boxes.

There doesn’t seem to be a clear set of steps that I am able to deliberately replicate the problem - it just seems to happen randomly.

If I resize the text box using (usually) a right hand scale grip and scale to the correct width, then when I right click and select “Size to Fit” it does sort of, as you can see from the attached image.

Highlighting the text box shows the correct sized bounding box but incorrect scale grips.

The result is that if I want to align another text box or other element to the bottom of the resized text box, object snapping does not work on the bottom corners. And sometimes when a text box that I am trying to align moves over the resized text box it ‘rubs out’ the sections of the resized text box that it moves over!

This ‘rubbing out’ creates a white area on my monitor. If I stop the current action and, say, go to the next page and back to the affected page, the ‘rubbing out’ has gone.

If I ignore the problem and carry on with the drawing, eventually I find that the affected text box has a correct bounding box and scale grips.

Hi Paul, it looks like we introduced an issue in 2018 where bounding box for text is not updated until a refresh is made. What you are seeing when changing the page will cause this refresh, also moving the text box will cause this same refresh.

I have logged this as a bug internally. LO-13344

Thanks for bringing it to our attention.


Thanks Trent

Any news on this bug?

It’s still happening in 2020…

Still happening.

A hack that I use after resizing is to make the text box unbounded and then immediately undo the unbounding - boring.