Text clipping

Hello, I’m experiencing clipped text upon PDF export from LO 2022.
Interestingly this does not occur when print as PDF by Adobe Acrobat.
Attached are example of elevation & section drawing cropped in 100%.
Seemed this issue has been addressed in few years ago, I need solution asap.

Screenshot 2023-05-15 131618
Screenshot 2023-05-15 131545

What font are you using?

Trebuchet MS

Can you share the LO file?

This is what I’m seeing with text boxes using Trebuchet MS.

It’s shard in same dropbox folder


I’m not seeing a dropbox folder link.


Got it. I’ll take a look. It seems to have client info so you might want to edit your previous post and delete the link.

I see the issue. You have line spacing set to 7 which is too small for the font at that size. Set it to 9 at least and the text won’t be cropped off. That font seems to have a lot of padding on the top, though. A different font might allow you to tighten up the text more. Your spacing of 7 works fine for the lower case letters but it’s too tight for capital letters and numbers.
Screenshot - 5_15_2023 , 6_00_12 PM

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