LO to PDF export text problem

I am in a situation where I need to post edit LO files in Illustrator/Inkscape. I export the LO files in PDF format, but when I open the PDF files in Illustrator/Inkscape, each letter in a word appear as individual text boxes rather than a single text box with all the letters in it. I usually need to edit the font, change the size, etc.

Example: A word like “Text” will export as “T” “e” “x” “t” grouped as individual text boxes.

Have the same problem… Layout… the architectural illustration software that isnt… SVG import / export would be nice

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Just decided to use Affininty Publiher for my signage work and discovered that it imports PDFs beautifully , respecting their setout, graphical elements, typefaces, column settings etc etc but making them all editable and enhancable using the Affinity Suite tools…

GREAT I thought, so I can take my LO generated PDF’s and do all the things I can’t do in LO.

eg, find and replace, drop shadows, gradients, image blending, text styles,

WRONG! Although my work exported from POWERPOINT comes in fine, all text frames respected and editable my LAYOUT text frames are scambled into a mess of randomly selectable letters… SIGH!



Can anyone explain how export text sucessfully from LO in a usable[editable] form that seems second nature to other software?

are you using the Layout export to PDF?

have you tried printing to PDF using a PDF print driver?

I’ve no idea about this - just making a suggestion…

Well, both were generated by their respective Export to PDF commands… not a "Print to PDF driver… I have PDFexhange so I will try that with various setting options… it might have something to with embedded fonts in one but not the other

UPATE - exporting from LO using my PDFxchange driver respected the text frame [embed fonts option turned on] , but the raster images came across broken up into small horizontal strips… [sigh] need more time to investigate