LO having trouble exporting to PDF

Hi Guys, it’s me again… thanks for all your input in recent days is been a great help on my project.

Now I have my LO project close to competition I am trying to export to PDF. It won’t go.
I did find some pointers in the forum archives here.
I’m sorta confused.
First which rendering do I use for export. I made all the view ports on the 13 pages all raster so LO would perform faster. I believe they are all raster currently except for a page that has some images I brought in thru PS Elements as I think PDF maybe Jpeg…
But those converted fine previously so thinking it maybe something else. Can you even export with raster or do I need to go all auto render or all Hybrid ,all Vector?
Thanks for a tip!

you can print with any setting for viewport render. If you need crisp linework its better to change the viewports to vector or hybrid before printing, or just put the output resolution to the best setting. Have you tried to “print to pdf” instead of export? (I guess you can do that on windows also). No need to overdo the print output quality, and end up with a really large pdf :slight_smile:

thanks for the info.
hmmmmm… I did just find that I can export or save as a Jpeg. Unsure if that will be useful for the print shop.
Could it be that my file is too large for my PDF exporter?
Unsure if my foundation plan with maybe a few hundred components in it is plugging stuff up. It seems maybe it hasn’t been exporting since I made that page.
Does it matter if some content on a page is dissimilar rendering, raster AND vector or hybrid?

No printer here at the shop though can take home tonight to see if will print to pdf. PDF viewer is just nicer way to view and my dad can review and mark on my plans easier.

Hey just noticed something too. I saw that my warning signals were off. I turned them on. On several pages now, Some dimensions are now boxed and lit up red. And a few pieces of text as well. When I right click there is a command that I may have not noticed before, “reconnect to model”.
What does the red indicator mean and how do I correct them? Or I can go page tp page and redo the dimensions and text that are affected. I am guessing I may have at some point move the view ports and dragged some dimensions around with it or some other bone head thing.

thanx for da help

Make a copy of your file, delete half the pages try PDFing that half.

Then do the other half.

Or export a range of pages, eg 1-5, then export 6-10…

You could also check the pdf export options (quality).

Things that slow pdfing down are layers, and transparency.

The unconnected text things wont affect pdf exports. But reconnect them anyway.

thanks for that Sam.
I did just was able to export the first seven pages. assuming that the rest will go too. Must have been crashing my pdf exporter? If I can get it all out in two parts. Can I reconnect it all to one file again?
Is this the best way to send to a print shop for large format printing? Or should I save as something else?

Spoke too soon… can not complete export of last 7 pages.
The only last warning markers I have are these small red arrows pointing down next to some squares I drew with the rectangle tool and typed a letter in. Each of these boxes have the arrow next to them. The two parts are grouped as well. There’s no warning report either. Any clues anybody?

got it narrowed down to one page. After exporting all pages individually, just one page won’t go. Crazy thing is that’s it’s one of the simplest pages out of the whole doc. lol
Who knows… might redraw the page…

Several of programs can combine pdfs into one file, but you could just give multiple files to the print shop.

The page that isnt working may have something on it that is causing problems.

Rebuilding it using a fresh export of the Skp scene is a good idea. You could even start with a new LO file just to be safe?

Use Raster rendering mode
Look for any JPGs or other images, or skp materials that use images , since these can sometimes become corrupted
You can try changing the scenes appearance to faces only ,(without materials)
Try editing the sketchup scene and removing some items if they are off the page or hidden below other items.
Try removing transparency / low opacity faces

Good luck

Ps this should be alerted to Trimble tech support so please let them know by email

Perhaps if you were to share the file some of us might be able to look at it…