Export to PDF Lo 2021

Hi ! It’s about 2 months I can’t export on PDF with LO 2019, I install the 2021 and hope evething it going ok but I have the same probleme. I try with a blank page with just round and square and I have the same issue.

Can someone give help on this one please


If you export to your desktop, does that work?

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Hi Colin,
It’s a long time but here is. No, that not work.
This problem cause me so much time, I have to print it in PDF
but the file is huge

I reinstall but nothing change, did someone can help from sketchup

Do you have multiple PDF creation software/apps installed on your computer? Like free ones?

In the past i found some of the free or basic PDF software apps can cause problems with PDF exports (not just exported from SketchUp or Layout, but from many programs).

My solution is to uninstall or reinstall your PDF software…Try to have just one PDF creation app (ideally one of the good ones ike Adobe Acrobat or Bluebeam Revu) if possible. And make sure that you keep them updated once you have installed them.

Once you have done that, if it still does not work then try to re-install LayOut then try again.

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Of the more inexpensive alternatives, I am quite satisfied with PDF Xchange Editor.

That’s strange - I always ‘print to .pdf’ instead of exporting, and my drawing sets (I’m looking at one right now that is 13 drawing sheets) are only about 700kb.

I try couple of things and I finish by deleting acrobat pdf, sketchup and reinstall but nothing change. This is my home pc, I have alomost the same installation at my office and everything is ok. The only difference between my to pc is, I don’t make update at my office.

I always find solution, but this one. Ok keep smiling and work with it. Mabe one day something change hahah. Thanks all of you for the suggestions and help.

This the solution I use for now. The thing is to go always faster, if I can do 2 clics less :rofl:
I draw between 1500 and 2000 furnitures per year, fully organise but this my trip always faster.

I really appreciated your suggestion, Thanks :smiley: