Exporting PDFs from Layout 2020

I have intermittent problems exporting PDFs from Layout.

The reseller told me that the problem lay in me importing pre 2020 models into Layout.

Over writing the whole model with a 2020 version is not enough.

The only way to make everything work is to systematically go through a pre-2020 model to find which group, component, line or imported base drawing is at fault. When a model might contain thousands of elements this process can take hours. That’s just insane!.

I don’t believe that for a second. I’ve used models created in earlier versions of SketchUp in LayOut 2020 and had no problems with exporting PDFs. I’ve also opened older LO files and exported PDFs from LO2020 as well.

I expect there’s something else going on. Perhaps you could share a problematic LayOut file?

Hi Dave R.

The layout file is 30 MB and the single drawing fileis 16+MB.

Is there any way that I can get that size of file to you?

Upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

Have you purged unused stuff from both the SU and LO files.

Both purged. I have tried using Foxit PDF, Acrobat and Microsoft Edge. All with the same result.

There was a recent thread where it was indicated that the culprit was a dimension somehow gone wrong.

Are you trying to export using LayOut’s own exporter, or, as indicated in your latest post, printing using a PDF printer?

I had to revert to a printer to get drawings out but I am using Layout’s for this exercise. The drawing relates to views only with no dimensions shown.

I have found a north signifier at the edge of the SU view - wondered if that could be the problem.

Can’t find a toolbar to switch it off.

I’ll have to sign off for tonight - still have a planning application to submit.

I will look into Dropbx.

In this pack of drawings the problem specifically relates to 2 views of a model imported to a prepared A3 template which I use for all of my work.

If I import the SketchUp file into a plain sheet of A3 there are no problems.

I have tried importing the file into a a template that I have successfully used on another job and the same problem arises.

The model has been purged as has Layout.

Any thoughts please?

Does it fail even if you start a new file using your A3 template and try to export an empty page with only your titleblock etc? I am starting to suspect an issue with your template. What fonts are you using? What happens if you change all your template text into something boring and bog-standard like Arial, with no effects?
Your profile says you are using SU 2018 under Windows 7. Did this issue arise on upgrading to version 2020? Did you also upgrade Windows?

I am using Sketchup/Layout 2020 Pro on a Windows 10 machine.

I have used the same template on a number of different projects and the problem only happens on a few drawings.

Just removed all of the text and jpegs (company logo) and the same problem occurs.

From scouring previous posts this problem has affected a small number of people over the past 2 years.

Hi Anssi.

To answer your question further. This problem only occurred when I installed SU pro 200 in a new Windows 10 machine.

With the time that this problem has been going on without a fix I have decided that for the few times that this does occur I will use something like Cute Writer.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

Would you mind posting the template? Also, if you add in any model at all, will it be bound to get the error?