Exporting PDFs

When I first installed Sketchup 2020 I had problems exporting 3 out of 15 drawings as PDFs. Using Microsoft Edge as the default seemed to cure that problem. Tonight I have tried Acrobat Reader, Edge and Foxit PDF with no success (problems with only 1 out of 7 drawings so far).

These problems did not occur with SU 2016.

Anyone else having this problem?

I haven’t had any difficulty exporting PDFs from either SketchUp or LayOut. Which program are you talking about?

Hi Dave. I am exporting from Layout as PDFs

Is it possible that there’s something in the document that is causing the problem? We’ve seen a few cases where certain fonts (the Bahnschrift family are one) were problematic as well as some inserted images.

Maybe you could upload a LayOut file that doesn’t export for you so we can take a look.

Hi Dave

the now 2 drawings in question are part of a large pack of drawings. They are both 3D views of buildings and I use Ariel Narrow ad have done for years.

Hi Dave the files are just too large to upload.

I’ll sign off for now and try working this out tomorrow.