Exporting Drawing to PDF files from Layout

Hello! I’m having problems exporting from LAYOUT in pdf format. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix the problem. The message I get is: “There was a problem exporting this fileMy version of this file”. My SketchUp Pro version is 21.0.391 64-bit

Typically this is due to some problematic entity in the document. Might be a bit of text or, more commonly, some component inserted in the associated SketchUp file from the 3D Warehouse. If you share the LO file we can help you sort out the problem

Thanks a lot Dave, here is my LO file Regolarizzazione 14E-1.layout (1.1 MB).
I do not believe the issue is due to some problematic entity in the document, because I’ve tried to export also a new LO file containg just a simple text, and the issue remains.
At the moment I’ve just solved printing to pdf file instead of exporting.

I’m inclined to agree with you after seeing your file. I opened it and immediately exported as PDF. No problem at all and I got this:

This makes me suspect your system or perhaps where you are trying to save the PDF. Did you install SketchUp correctly by right clicking on the downloaded installer and choosing run as administrator? Where would the PDF file wind up if it did export properly?

Thanks for your support. I suppose the issue comes from the combination of Windows update to version 20H2 and SktetchUp update to the version 21.0.391 64-bit.
I wrote to SketchUp’s support and they told me that are receiving many request similar to the mine