PDF Export

Hi all,

I have an issue exporting PDF from a sketchup file, been workig with PDF on sketchup for multipe years and haev not encoutered issue such as this. Does anyone have any suggestiosn or ideas why it would be so?

Attached images of the error:

Screenshot 2022-10-19 145739

Where is the file supposed to be written to? Can you export a PDF out of LayOut?


It is supposed to be simply saved on the PC, I have not tried layout export yet.

Can you share the skp file so we can have a look?

This is the initial file:

Sections.skp (8.0 MB)

Working on my end. Opened your file and exported 2 PDFs of different views.

I also had no error exporting pdf. That and the error message suggest there may be a permissions or other issue with the export destination folder.

Ok thanks, I guess it will be my own system will have to di a bit deeper.

Thank you for your help!